We are an independent business employing local people, so when you visit you make a real difference to this island community.

Bocachica is an under-served village on an undeveloped island. The roads are not paved and there is still no running water. Access to education is limited, unemployment is high, and those lucky enough to find work must often support entire families on the Colombian minimum wage of less than $10 a day.

But like all people, all over, Bocachiqueros are proud, charming, hard working and ambitious for themselves, their families and their community. As one of the only sources of formal employment in the area, Blue Apple's goal as a business is to offer guests the best experience possible, while also creating opportunities for our neighbours and being a respectful and contributive member of the community.

​We employ local people where we can, from Bocachica and from other villages on Tierra Bomba and the islands around Cartagena. Most of the tours and activities we offer are owned and run by local people.

We are also proud to support the Green Apple Foundation, which provides jobs through recycling.