When we talk about good food, 'good' applies to everything. Good flavour. Good for you. good for the environment. Good for the community.

Our original Executive Chef, Silvestre, was born in Ibiza and worked on the White Isle for many years before returning to his native Colombia.

He was passionate about sharing opportunity and so most of our team hail from the local island, many having started here with no professional culinary training. They are restless souls, and cannot be confined to a kitchen. Guests might find our team barbecuing on the beach, working the pizza oven in the garden or cooking up a paella over an open wood fire. Everyone is encouraged to join in. We can prepare dishes to accommodate all dietary requirements and restrictions.

We make our own granola, yoghurt, goat’s cheese, bread and pasta but also buy speciality and artisanal products from outstanding local suppliers because we believe in supporting local businesses. If our chickens can’t keep up with demand, we subsidise any shortfall with free range eggs from people we know.

Fruits and vegetables are sourced as locally as possible, with the majority coming from the nearby Turbaco region. We keep chickens, pigs and goats on the property and we do not support battery farming or mass produced and processed meat. If we don’t know how the animal lived and died, we no longer serve it. We currently do not serve beef for this reason. All other meats are ethically reared and slaughtered. Occasionally, the pork and goat served at Blue Apple is from our own livestock.

We only buy fish and seafood that is sustainably sourced and we do not serve any at-risk or endangered marine species. Sometimes this means the fish didn’t come from the ocean around Cartagena, where stocks are low and need to be conserved.