If sustainability is about doing no harm, the concept of regeneration is to actively try to improve the world around us

Transparent. Honest. Always working on improving.

As we return to work after the disruptions of 2020, we are focussed on improving not only our operation, but also the way we talk about sustainable practices.

We have begun to document our journey so that we can share everything we learn with all the people we work with - clients, staff, neighbours, suppliers and our online audience.

Environmentally, Blue Apple currently operates of mains electricity with a back-up generator, but we are in the process of making the move to solar. We reuse grey-water for irrigation and we measure all our waste, recycling glass, organics, plastic, paper, metals and white goods. We do not serve anything in single use plastic and our office is paper free.

Socially, we monitor staff demographics and strive to provide opportunity to everyone, especially those from under-represented groups. We prioritise local and independent suppliers and think carefully about every peso we spend.