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When founder Portia first visited La Colombe d'Or in the famed artists' haven of Saint Paul de Vence, what impressed her wasn't the value of the art adorning their walls, rather the simple beauty of an exchange between restaurateur and artist, both giving what they had in return for something they loved.

An alternative to currency.
If you're cash-poor but rich in talent, knowledge or skills, then we'll still be happy to host you.

Since opening, we have welcomed numerous artists in residence, whose skills range from plastic and visual arts, to photography and video, poetry and literature. We have hosted environmentalists, recycling experts, chefs, musicians, yogis, leadership trainers and even marketing consultants. Each has left an indelible mark on Blue Apple and is part of our history.

The principal behind our residency program is to explore the possibility of alternative currencies, where each side offers what they have and "wealth" can be reconsidered, as something other than cold, hard cash.

We operate on a goodwill basis, asking artists to leave something they feel reflects the value of their experience, rather than dictating terms. Our purpose is to enable those rich in talent (or in our case island sunshine and hospitality) to enjoy an experience or artwork that might otherwise be restricted only to those rich in wallet. Why? Because really, we'd prefer to have a thousand artists to stay than one Donald Trump (especially now he’s out of a job). 

If we can accommodate residents in our guest bedrooms, we always do, but we also have an Artist's room in our Manager's bungalow, which we reserve exclusively for our residents, as the program has become popular and we hate to say no just because of seasonal fluctuations.  The residency includes all three meals (eating from the menu) and soft drinks. Alcohol is additional, but artists receive a 30% discount and can also bring their own supplies from the city, no problem. 

If you have something that can benefit our neighbours, our guests, our staff or our business, then reach out. Residencies from 1 week - 3 months.

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