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Proposed originally by Colombia and adopted by the UN, the SDGs are a call to action by all countries - developed and developing - to work together to end poverty and other deprivations that go hand-in-hand to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our planet.

People. Planet. Prosperity. Peace. Partnership.

1 - NO POVERTY - More than 75% of our staff are from vulnerable or under-represented communities and 85% of the money we spend stays in Colombia.

2 - ZERO HUNGER - We have an on-site micro farm. We have a policy to buy as much produce locally as possible from small scale farms. We provide balanced staff meals and teach our team about affordable, nutritious foods.

3 - GOOD HEALTH & WELLBEING - We provide healthcare to all of our employees. We have a dedicated HR department, invest in mental wellbeing and promote fitness and healthy eating at work.

4 - QUALITY EDUCATION - Part of working with us is receiving ongoing training and career progression opportunities. 80% of our current managers were promoted internally and 80% are from underrepresented groups.

5 - GENDER EQUALITY - We are female led and 55% of our management team identifies as female. Through our non-profit, Fundación Green Apple, we have created an artisanal glass training program and workshop which solely accepts women artisans.

6 - CLEAN WATER & SANITATION - There is no running water on our island. We use natural reed beds to filter waste water, recovering as much as 70% for use in irrigation.

7 - AFFORDABLE & CLEAN ENERGY - 70% of Colombian energy is cleanly sourced and 50% of Blue Apple's energy comes from our own solar panels. We sell our surplus back to the national grid.

8 - DECENT WORK & ECONOMIC GROWTH - We provide 65 full time jobs and buy products and services from 370 suppliers. 60% of our spend is with micro-enterprises and 30% with minority groups. In 2021, 36% of our revenue was from overseas and 100% from outside of our island.

9 - INDUSTRY, INNOVATION & INFRASTRUCTURE - Infrastructure on our island is lacking. We work with community leaders and local authorities to push for municipal and private investment in basic needs.

10 - REDUCED INEQUALITIES - We participated in a government witnessed process of free and prior consent with the local community, which includes impact studies and ongoing community engagement.

11 - SUSTAINABLE CITIES & COMMUNITIES - As members of Regenerative Travel and a certified B-Corp we are obliged not only to sustain, but to actively regenerate local community and environment.

12 - RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION & PRODUCTION - We measure waste, water and energy operate a supply chain assessment method that allows fast and easy analysis of suppliers and products.

13 - CLIMATE ACTION - We measure our CO2 emissions and where we cannot reduce, we operate an impact fund to mitigate, compensate or offset.

14 - LIFE BELOW WATER - We are a PADI Dive Resort and participate in coral protection and restoration activities.

15 - LIFE ON LAND - By reducing our waste, moving to clean energy and measuring impact, we aim to contribute to conservation on our island.

16 - PEACE, JUSTICE & STRONG INSTITUTIONS - "As tourism revolves around billions of encounters between people of diverse cultural backgrounds, the sector can foster multicultural tolerance and understanding, laying the foundation for more peaceful societies." Exactly.

17 - PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS - We post all this on our website with the aim of inspiring other actors in our industry to do the same, and to collaborate.

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