Half Aussie half Brasliero Alex needed a break from Rio (it's a tough life) so he showed up in Colombia, where he spent a week at Blue Apple testing out all of our activities, capturing the magic as he went along. We probably miss him almost as much as he is missing our chicken sandwiches.



apolo xiii

Apolo XIII Artist Exchange Cartagena Blu
Apolo Trece Artist Residence Blue Apple

From the once notorious Comuna 13 in Medellin, Christian Pareja, better known as Apolo XIII, is one of Colombia's rising street art stars. 

Like many young people from his neighbourhood, he is using his art to rewrite their story, breathing hope, life, vibrancy into an area once filled with dread.

Artists like Apolo represent the young Colombian approach to life, to the future, to hope and hard work. To change. Cynicism is forgotten.


In troubled political times this generation is a breath of fresh air.

Apolo Trece Lulo Bathroom Art Hotel Cart

alex tasho

ricardo gabrielli & carolina gonzalez 

A golden couple, film maker and director Ricardo visited Blue Apple with his wife, the very lovely actress, writer and eco-campaigner Carolina.


Inspired both by the wild nature they discovered and the incredible human side of life on our island, Ricca and Caro left us with their memory of Blue Apple, told the way only an award winning cinematographer and actress can.

joyce jonathan

France's extremely charmante Joyce Jonathan was one of our very first artists in residence. 

Challenged to survive four days in Colombia with no money, Joyce sang for her supper (and a night's board) in front of an intimate crowd of lucky guests and neighbours from the village of Bocachica. 

Just a girl, her guitar and a microphone. A beautiful setting, the sound of the sea and an enchanted audience. Isn't that what the music has always been about?

Joyce Jonathan Music Residence Blue Appl
Joyce Jonathan Singer Blue Apple Music.j

claudia avila-batchelor 

Bedtime stories Blue Apple Literature Ca

A Colombian nomad by blood and birth, Claudia’s career in music and writing have taken her to plethora countries and cultures, living life where possible as a local, cleverly disguising fun as work. 

When we told Claudia we thought going to bed with your phone was the saddest, she leapt to help us out with content for our series of short bedtime stories for grown-ups. 

Claudia has contributed 12 stories to the series, which will be published in early 2019.

jared buschang

Jared Buschang is a young American artist currently living and working in Rochester, NY, and Cartagena.

Painting from memory, Jared begins each piece from a point on the canvas and works outward until the work is complete, or until the idea has been fully illustrated - a story of which becomes a picture of his own mind.  

His figures can be seen, often in the nude, bare of anything material. He has left plenty of pieces for sale with us, from $1,000 USD                                   

Art at Blue Apple: Paintings by Jared Buschang
Art at Blue Apple: Paintings by Jared Buschang
Art at Blue Apple: Paintings by Jared Buschang

andres molina

Andres Molina painting at Blue Apple Beach House

Bogota born painter Andres has made his mark with his bold murals. 

Few people are lucky enough to walk away with a Molina. Andres prefers to work on walls, buildings and permanent structures. 

blue Apple stories

Andres has created a series  of murals inspired by myths, legends and fairytales with apples at their core. Discover Adam and Eve, Snow White and the Son of Man hidden around the grounds.  


Each work has its own twist, inspired by Andres' discoveries on the island. 

Adam & Eve inspired bathroom art by Andres Molina at Blue Apple Beach House
Mural on wall outside our kitchen by Andres Molina at Blue Apple Beach House

the zen butchers

The Zen Butcher company creates mouthwatering meat and cheese alternatives from plants. 

Veganism and a sustainable approach to eating and sourcing food are changing the ways restaurants think and work. 

Samantha  and Adam met doing Acro-Yoga, and spent a week at Blue Apple teaching our kitchen team how to get the most out of plants, and our guests how to take their yoga to the next level. 

Vegan Butchers.jpeg
Acro Yoga.jpeg

josue  copete

Colombian born New York resident Josh came to stay in October '18 and again in 2019, and took over our Instagram, leaving us with the most magical images of Blue Apple - seen through his eyes.

Man with Coconut.jpg
Blue Apple Pool.jpg
Pina Cabana.jpg
Girl in shower.jpg