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Bocachica is a poor village on an undeveloped island. The roads are not paved, there is no running water and electricity is sporadic. Access to education is limited, unemployment is high, and those lucky enough to find work must often support entire families on the Colombian minimum wage - less than $10 a day. 

Our goal is to offer our guests a comfortable, relaxing and exclusive experience, while being sensitive and respectful to our neighbours.

We employ local people where we can, from Bocachica and from other villages on Tierra Bomba and Barú Island. Several of our activities are provided by locals (massages, snorkelling, plankton, souvenirs, walking tours & dirtbike tours). 

We subsidise English lessons for our staff (who also receive all of their tips) and offer interest free loans to staff to help them organise basics for themselves and their families.

We source our food sustainably - buying fish locally when it makes sense, but being careful not to overfish the area's water or encourage irresponsible fishing methods.  

When you visit Blue Apple, you are making a difference to a local community

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one step further

In 2018, we started an independent not-for-profit which assists not only Blue Apple, but several other hotels, bars and restaurants in Cartagena in being more aware, sustainable and responsible. We are proud to have created 5 jobs and diverted nearly 10 tonnes of waste from landfill so far.


whatsapp and email only 9am - 9pm. there is no phone signal on the island. 

whatsapp +57 316 750 69 79  days  nights

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