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Do it like a local  (or click here).

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first cocktail on the house for anyone who gets here on public transport :)

Public transport is awesome. It saves energy and fuel. You engage with local life. It puts us all in the same boat (literally, in our case). And here on the island, it funnels money back into the local economy. What's not to love?  Part of the fun of visiting Colombia is the challenge of conquering public transport. If you think you've got it nailed, prepare to graduate to the next level.  

You'll still need to register here, head to La Bodeguita (open from 6am - 5pm) and pay your 9,000 tourist tax.  Once inside, just say "¡Bocachica!" at everyone until someone puts you on a boat. Hand over 7,000 pesos ($2) - the boat is paid in advance. There's no timetable. This system is highly fuel efficient and not-so-highly time efficient. The boat will leave when it is full. Might be in 5 minutes. Might be in 30 minutes. Bring a book, your water flask and your most laid back self. Do not worry if your bag is up in the bows with a chicken and a strange man in a hat. 

Our village, Bocachica, is the last stop and it is about 30 minutes from Bazurto. Here, disembark and yell ¡Playa Mamon! and / or ¡Blue Apple! until someone puts you on the back of a motorbike taxi. When you see our gates, hop off and hand over 5,000 pesos ($1.50). If you're not travelling so light, you can request a 'motocarro' - which is like a motorbike and a tuctuc had a baby - for 30,000 pesos ($8) or your bags might just go on a second bike. Always get on and off motorbikes on the left hand side, to avoid burning your leg. The trip is 5 minutes through the village. Say hola to everyone you see.  Just try it.  

And that's it. Tell us your tall tale when you get to front desk, and we'll whip up a congratulatory cocktail, on the house.