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Blue Apple Beach is a PADI Dive Resort and we offer a number of diving activities and courses for beginners and experienced divers. Within 8 minutes swimming distance from Blue Apple, we have a large house reef with plenty of coral species and healthy marine life. In the nearby islands of Baru and the Rosario Archipelago are a host of different dive sites, including shipwrecks, naval training centres and even an underwater sculpture gallery. We recommend scuba diving over snorkelling due to the depth of most of the coral colonies, which begin at around 5 metres. 

Scuba at Blue Apple Beach House


Beginning with a short theory session explaining the basics of diving, equipment, safety procedures, and signals, followed by a session in shallow, clear water, you will learn how to use the equipment and perform basic skills. You will then swim to and explore our house reef, and have a chance to see our innovative CoraLife reef restoration project (see more below).

• 2-3 hours

• Suitable for total beginners.

• No certificate required

• This experience does not lead to a certification. 

• Includes a $5 donation to CoraLife Reef Restoration

US $95 



The same program as the discovery dive but you'll also go by boat to nearby islands and do 2 full dives in separate sites.

• 4-5 hours

• Suitable for total beginners.

• No certificate required

• This experience does not lead to a certification. 

US $140 

Coralife Biomimicry Coral Reef Restoration Blue Apple Beach Conservation Dive.png


In 2023, the team behind CoraLife launched their pilot site right here in our house reef, developing new coral habitats from natural fibres to address the issues of microplastics and other harmful materials generally used in coral nurseries. The approach combines natural materials to create sustainable coral habitats. The goal is to establish a symbiotic coral garden which serves as an ecological habitat for corals and a social accelerator, supporting artisanal work and training local divers in the Bocachica region to engage with marine ecosystems.

The conservation dive includes a short lecture on the project and the chance to visit the site, assist with coral planting, maintenance and data collection.

2 hours

• Includes a $30 donation to the CoraLife Reef Restoration project

US $125 



PADI Courses

This course covers the initial three segments of the PADI Open Water Diver Course, offering foundational knowledge for scuba diving. While it grants certification, divers remain under professional supervision, limited to depths of 12 meters. The course requires minimum 2 days, encompassing theory and practical elements - confined water training and two ocean dives in separate sites.


US $320


This scuba diving course provides fundamental training, resulting in a PADI certification enabling dives up to 18 meters. The 4-day course includes theory, taught by a professional instructor, covering the PADI Open Water Diver Manual, videos, quizzes, a final exam, and class time. Practical aspects involve two days of confined water practice and four ocean dives at different sites.


US $460


This course instructs certified Open Water divers on the essential knowledge for safely planning and executing advanced dives, up to 30 meters deep. Successful completion grants a lifelong, international PADI Advanced Diver Certification. The course, taking a minimum of 2 days, involves five open water adventure dives to enhance skills in selected adventures.


US $440

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