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Your boat ride to and from Blue Apple generates around 7kg of CO2.


The concept of 'Carbon Offset' is a complex one, so from January 2023, we ask everyone visiting Blue Apple to contribute to a fund that helps us to compensate for the unavoidable environmental damage caused by our operation and contribute to the regeneration of our local community and environment. 


Your contribution is marked clearly on your bill and we provide transparent reporting on where the money goes. 

Day pass contribution - 5,000 pesos (under $2) per person

Hotel stay contribution - 20,000 pesos (under $5) per room per stay

In a typical month, you contribute around 5 million pesos to the fund (between $1,000 - $1,500) which is distributed to: 

  • Green Apple Foundation - 1,000 pesos per KG of glass recycled

  • Cartagena Turtles Club - This is not a certified carbon credit scheme, but a local project restoring mangrove forests in the northern part of Cartagena. 

  • SeaTrees - An accredited Carbon Offset project protecting and restoring the Colombian Paramo (on the Pacific coast)

  • Bocachica Community Fund - A fund held by Blue Apple that responds to requests from members of the community for anything from school supplies, clean-ups, elderly care, sports sponsorship and more. A committee of local people representing the village's diverse population receives and assesses requests for fund allocation. 

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